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About Cyprus

When buying or renting a property in Cyprus, our customers are interested in many other aspects related to the stay on the island. We
decided to create a special section, called simply and succinctly, "All of Cyprus." This is a unique guide to the island, where you can find
answers to any questions related to the stay in Cyprus, and as short-term during the holidays, as well as in long-term or permanent
residence. The section will consist of several units dedicated to a particular topic. Each of them will be published various news, articles,
reviews and opinions that will help you find all the necessary information.

Block dedicated to rest, will tell about the most interesting sights of Cyprus, sightseeing, nightlife on the island. By choosing to Cyprus
holiday reviews previously visited these places are sometimes the deciding factor for our potential customers. Such reviews you will also
find in our section. Here there are weather information, for example, what would be the winter of Cyprus, the climate for months, the
water temperature off the coast, etc. A large number of useful and necessary tips to help you explore the island much better.

In the second block will be collected everything concerning legal and regulatory matters. We will tell you how to get the citizenship of
Cyprus or that such provisions for Cyprus. Independently (more precisely, with the help of our articles and reviews) You can also try and
understand the intricacies of doing business on the island. For example, here you can find out how to register a company in Cyprus which
tax rates in Cyprus and even find any questions on the possible employment. By the way, this aspect becomes especially important
Russian citizens. To make a decision, whether to move here on a regular basis, the key point is it reasonable job. Cyprus, jobs for which,
although rarely seen on the Russian job search sites, is a large labor market. The main thing is to know where and what to look for. And
in doing so, we will help you.