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The New Options Are As Follows :

1. RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT. This option requires a minimum total investment amount of 2 million Euros in residential real estate and must include a permanent personal residence valued at no less than 500,000 Euros. The remaining investment amount of 1.5 million Euros must be made in residential real estate, to be held for a minimum of 3 years.If the personal residence is valued at 2 million Euro or more then no further investment is required.
2. OTHER INVESTMENTS. This option requires a minimum total investment of 2.5 million Euros, of which 500,000 euros must be for a permanent personal residence.The remaining investment amount of 2 million Euros can be made using a mix of the following, held for at least 3 years. 
    • Residential Real Estate (in addition to the personal residence),     
    • Commercial Real Estate,     
    • Undeveloped Land for which development plans have been prepared, or     
    • Government Securities (up to a maximum value of €500,000) registered and issued in the Republic of Cyprus.

3. APPLICATION CAN BE SINGLE. There is now no requirement for collective group application.
4. INVESTORS PARENTS. Investors parents are entitled to apply for Cyprus Citizenship by exception provided that they have purchased a permanent residence of at least 500,000 Euros plus VAT.
5. The maximum investment in government bonds of the republic of Cyprus has been set at 500,000 Euros.
6. The provision for fixed bank deposits for 3 years has been abolished.
Investments in Cyprus must be for a minimum 3 years, and residence ownership must be indefinite.



There is no requirement to make a donation to the local government, in contrast to many other citizenship programs worldwide.

Cyprus does not require applicants to live in the country prior, during or after the application process, unlike all other EU countries with citizenship programs that impose some form of residency requirements.

Applicants are able to receive a Cypriot passport within 3 months of filing an application, being by far the fastest route to EU Citizenship.

Please note: The previous investment options, including unlimited investment in securities and cash asset transfers into the country, will remain available only during a short grace period that expires on October 31,2016.

By participating in this programme the investor will receive a Cyprus EU state passport with the following benefits:

1. Unrestricted right to live,work,own and operate a business, travel and study anywhere in the EU.Visa- free travel to 157 countries.
2. Citizenship is granted to the applicant, the spouse and the financially dependant children upto the age of 28.
3. Dual Citizenship.
4. Access to the first-class EU health care and education systems.
5. No dividend tax on world-wide income for non-domiciled tax residents. Cyprus has no inheritance tax and the lowest rate of corporate income tax in Europe. 
6. Cyprus offers a wonderful climate and ecology,one of the safest places in the world and an English speaking environment.