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This stunning property is in a great location situated on the banks of the river near the town centre. One-, two - and three-bedroom apartments are made of high-quality materials. 

The development is part of a scheme to restore the South Bank of the river. The apartments in this stunning complex offer the perfect home for everyone and allow you to enjoy the city to the fullest.

The apartments in the previous quarters of construction were a huge success due to the high specification of the housing. The property is also close to the river, as well as Leeds city centre. With this in mind, this apartment is the perfect home for any tenant.

At the moment, the first phase of construction has been completed, which includes blocks A, B, C and D.

Block E and F will be completed in December 2021.


The price of this apartment is £152,773

There are also 2-bedroom apartments available for sale:

Covered area of 52.60 sq. m – £161,363

Covered area of 49.70 sq. m – £152,466

Covered area of 60.40 sq. m – £185,291

Covered area of 64.60 sq. m – £198,176

Covered area of 65.00 sq. m – £199,403

Covered area of 64.60 sq. m – £198,176


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