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Business Center-consists of 5 buildings of various storeys (3-5 floors), 4 of which are connected to each other. Total area: 7120 m2. Well-maintained internal territory. Landscape design: landscaping, flower beds, phyto and aqua walls, a square on the inner territory. Developed infrastructure: restaurant with terrace, cafe, concierge service.

The object is located in the central part of the city, in a prestigious area and is located on the first line next to large offices.

The architecture of this building is in many ways superior to the neighboring complexes. Here the designers have tried and created a stylish building, not without its charm. The low-rise buildings were faced with dark brick and contrasting light brick. Multi-storey buildings are faced in one color — dark or white. The interior design of the business center corresponds to the exterior, it is also monochrome. The same color scheme is present in the shades of stone that decorate the walls of the interior halls.

The building was built in 2012. The height of the walls of the interior is from 2.8 to 3.6 meters. All offices are air-conditioned (central), ventilation is implemented-supply and exhaust. In addition, the building is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system, there is video surveillance, as well as access control and management.

The business center has implemented modern engineering systems. The business complex itself is a closed territory with security and practices a pass system. Ground parking is available next to it. This is a promising and attractive place to place your office. Engineering and technical equipment of the business center helps to increase the efficiency of work. The owner took care of digital telephony and access to high-speed Internet.

100% full of tenants.

Profitability: 10 % per annum.

Profit 2019 — 2 975 000 EURO, annual indexation of 5%.