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The building is located near the entrance to the Catherine Palace. The tourist, pedestrian and bus drop-off areas are located at the front of the building. This is the only object with land owned for commercial purposes in this location(maximum proximity to the Catherine Palace, the very center of tourist activity). Ideal use for trade, hotel, restaurant.

The total area is 930m2. It is possible to increase up to 1260 m2 by restoring the terrace. Electricity 120 kW. The building has 2 floors + an attic. The ceiling height is 3.48 m2. Private parking.


  • 1752-1753 arch. Chevakinsky S. I.
  • 1784 superstructure
  • 1811 arch. Stasov V. P. perestroika
  • 1960 year of capital repairsB
  • uilding style: Classicism