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Selling a business with real estate 4 bedroom apartment located in a prestigious area of ​​Rome (Prati), 7 min. walking from the Palais Sant'Angelo, 3 minutes from the historic building of the Tribunal, 15 minutes from the Vatican. 160 sqm, terrace - 120 sqm, 4 bedrooms with bathrooms and showers. Fireplace in the kitchen. Unused Kitchen Set. The windows are all in the courtyard. Quiet. Communal underground parking 2 minutes from the apartment. Utilities - 140,00 Euro. There are many shops and restaurants in the area. The price of a business together with an apartment of 160 m2 is 1 million 190 thousand. 80% of bookings are from lawyers and the remaining 20% ​​is tourism. In 2019, the profit was 10,000 euros per month. 1500 Euro fixed costs.