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In the hills of the Maremma, there is the town of Montemassi, where a picturesque castle rises. This zone is part of the Monteregio di Massa Marittima wine region. It occupies an entirely own hill farm, which cultivates 2.4 hectares of olive groves and 3.7 hectares of vineyards. Another half hectare serves to limit the territory and is not cultivated.

The buildings with a total area of ​​740 m2 consist of a cantina production area and two tasting rooms.

 The farm produces (with annual variability) 6.000 kg of extra virgin olive oil, which is 900 liters of olive oil per year.

The vineyards are planted with varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese and white grapes Trebbiano, Malvasia di Candia and Malvasia Tuscany. In total, 45,000 kg of grapes are produced per year (on average), from which 40,000 liters of wine are produced, about 25,000 bottles of wine are made from it, as well as bottled wine at a price of 2.5 euros a liter. In more detail, such wines are produced as:

  1. Red IGTT Sangiovese 33%, Merlot 33%, Cabernet 33% 13.5%. Fermentation in containers made of cement for 6 months, matures in bottles
  2. Red IGTT Sangiovese 70%, Cabernet 30% 13.5%. Fermentation in steel containers
  3. Reserve IGTT Merlot 60% Cabernet 40% 13.5%. Matures in cement containers for 15 days with stirring, six months in oak barrels
  4. White IGTT Malvasia di Candia 70% Trebbiano 30% 12.5%. At a cold temperature, they are placed in cement containers, stirred for 12 hours, and kept with sediment for 6 months.

Price from 7 to 15 euros

Wine is in demand: it is eagerly bought by local restaurateurs, tourists, it is exported to Belgium and Germany. The bottled wine has the IGTT brand, which is higher than IGT and is close to DOC.

Some of the harvested grapes are bought by the local wine-producing cooperative, which indicates the appropriate quality of the grapes.

The cantina was built in 2003, and the farm itself begins its history since 1953.

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