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Bilingual kindergarten in Munich, Bavaria. The proposed facility is a kindergarten in the center of Munich. Currently, 24 children in two groups are in the kindergarten every day. The groups are located on two floors of a building that was extensively renovated in 2012-2013. On the lowest floor of the building there is a utility room with two entrances. The premises are in shared ownership, share 318.02 / 10.000. The total area of ​​the object includes a building and an open area. The kindergarten is accredited and supported by the Ministry of Education, the State Institute for Early Development and Pedagogy, the Technical University of Munich, the Munich State University, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the Bavarian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Family and Integration, and many others. government and commercial organizations. Over the years, Infanterix kindergarten with 19 branches throughout the city has developed into a respected educational institution for children and is now firmly established in Munich. Infanterix is ​​backed by the non-profit free company Tajedini gGmbH, as well as Infanterix gGmbH, Infanterix Schwabing GmbH and Infanterix Harras GmbH for multilingual kindergartens. With several institutions in Munich, Infanterix has been expanding the range of childcare services for multilingual children for over 10 years. Infanterix is ​​working closely with the Munich city and local companies to meet the growing demand for kindergartens for children from six months to school age. Infanterix focuses on support and early education for young children in French, English and German. The multilingual and multicultural concept is specifically designed to meet the needs of parents who are interested in the linguistic development of their children for personal or professional reasons. Infanterix currently offers about 1000 childcare places and has about 250 employees. MICRO AND MACRO LOCATION The proposed facility is located in the city of Munich, the capital of the federal state of Bavaria in Germany. Munich is a city with one of the most developed economies in Europe and around the world. It is a beautiful city close to the Austrian Alps, Italian South Tyrol and many other great places to work and relax. Munich International Airport is a 30-minute drive from the city center. Thanks to the well-developed infrastructure, it is convenient to move around the city and its surroundings, both by public transport, and by car or bicycle. There are a lot of expats living in Munich with families from all over the world. Therefore, bilingual gardens in Munich are very popular. In addition, in Munich, as well as throughout Germany, there is an acute shortage of places in kindergartens, so the state intensively supports childcare organizations. The premises of the proposed kindergarten are located in the central part of Munich, Neuhausen district. In close proximity to the metro and other public transport. In the center of Munich, there are a large number of international families who are very interested in the services of bilingual kindergartens. OBJECT DATA Land area approx. 2.285 m² Leasable area approx. 326.32 m² Built in 1979 Overhaul of shared ownership 2010-2013 Parking spaces - 3 underground parking spaces, 2 of them are duplex Lessee Bilingual kindergarten "Infanterix" Annual rent (net, excluding utilities) 72.000 € Lease agreement 10 years + 2 x 5 years option (graduated lease) Profitability 3.41% Commission 6% + VAT