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FACTORY FOR THE PRODUCTION OF DECORATIVE BUILDING MATERIAL - EXTRAGRANIT The proposed project involves the construction of a factory in Russia (Vladimir region, Kirzhachsky and Aleksandrovsky districts) for the production of extra-granite up to 6 million sq. m. of extra granite per year and the development of a unique product of decorative materials, as well as a strategy for creating a network that gives a leading position in the market. The project is a unique technology, patented in Russia, Ukraine and in 46 countries of the world. International Patent No. WO 01/087784 AI When implementing the project, financial support from the state is possible, since the project is quite effective and is included in national projects: health care, education, ecology and new housing construction. The cost of a complex for the production of extra granite, with a capacity of 100,000 sq. m per year - 5 million euros The delivery time for equipment and commissioning of the complex is 14 months. The production and delivery of equipment to the facility begins immediately after payment of 57% of the cost of the complex - 1.7 million. The project will be completed in 8 months. The duration of installation, commissioning and personnel training is 6 months from the date of payment of the remaining 43% of the cost of the complex - 1.3 million euros. The delivery package includes a 3-month supply of raw materials and consumables needed to produce additional granite slabs. The cost of additional granite production complexes with a capacity of 500,000 sq. m per year will amount to 17 million euros. After the industrial complexes for the production of extra-granite reach their design capacity, the production profitability will be over 100%. For more information, please contact us!