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Indoor Facilities
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4* operating hotel with 209 rooms in a land area of 28,685 sq.m., located in Rhodes, between Ialyssos and Kremasti.
The hotel features 3 swimming pools with a terrace a poolside bar, a restaurant and leisure facilities such as a games room, a table tennis and a children’s playground, all surrounded by 40 acres of gardens.

Free wi-fi and free parking are, also, available.

Τhe hotel complex includes:

A) A central three-storey building

Basement 673 sq.m. Ground floor 1582.30 sq.m. First floor 1,541, sq.m. Second floor 1,541, sq.m. Third floor
1,541 sq.m. (with 97 rooms and 194 beds)
B) Wing as Hotel-Bungalows

  • Two-storey Wing ALPHA which includes the following levels: Basement 110 sq.m. Ground floor 466.60 sq.m., First floor 466.60 sq.m. Second floor 385.00 sq.m.
  • Wing BETA which includes the following levels: Four identical buildings, all at the ground floor each 260.00sq.m.
  • Wing alpha which includes the following levels: Ground floor 137.30 sqm-Floor 137.30sqm.
  • Wing beta which includes the following levels: Ground floor 133.00 sqm-Floor 133.00 sqm.
  • Wing gamma: Ground floor 131.30 sq.m.
  • Wing delta: Ground floor 131.80 sq.m.
  • Wing epsilon: Ground floor 149.60 sq.m. - Floor 149.60 sqm.
  • Kindergarten with ground floor building 40.00 sq.m.
  • Snack Bar with Ground floor building 275.00 sq.m.
  • Mini Market with Ground floor building 99.90 sq.m. 

The hotel is in a distance of 10 minutes walking to the beach.
It operates in summer seasonality with a duration of 8 months (April-November).