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Indoor Facilities
Outdoor Facilities


The property concerns a 4* operating hotel, on the beachfront, with a total of 51 rooms and 100 beds.
The hotel consists of 4 levels of a total area of 2,231 sq.m, on a plot of 3,419 sq.m.

Specifically, it has 8 single rooms, 35 double rooms, 6 triple rooms and 2 suites. Hotel facilities include two swimming pools for adults and children, a bar, a restaurant, a children’s playground, a fitness facility, a pool area and parking spaces.

  • Level 1: area 60.00 sq.m. includes an outdoor gym, changing rooms and WC.
  • Level 2: Total area 912.28 sq.m. plus 64.11sq.m. semi-outdoor areas. This level includes 7 bedrooms and rooms of various uses (restaurant, kitchen-warehouse, storage, etc.). The semi-outdoor space of 61.09 sq.m., which is used as an additional space of the restaurant.
  • Level 3: Total area 742.66sq.m. plus 4.83sq.m. of semi-outdoor areas including reception, lounge, bar and other areas along with 20 rooms.
  • Level 4: Total area 658.65sq.m. plus 4.83sq.m. of semi-outdoor areas including various rooms, 19 rooms and 1 suite. The suite has been converted into 2 separate rooms.
  • Level 5: Total area 372.41 sq.m. plus 168.59sq.m. of semi-outdoor areas including staircase, elevator, 11 rooms, 1 suite and a semi-outdoor area of ​​13.50 sq.m. used as a corridor.

The hotel operates in summer seasonality with a duration of 6 months (May-October).