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Indoor Facilities
Outdoor Facilities


The hotel is designed with a unique architectural style that combines the presence of the castle with the natural environment. It offers modern and luxurious facilities and services, such as a large swimming pool, spa sauna, 2 indoor heated pools, some private pools and a fitness center.
The hotel operates in summer seasonality with a duration of 7 months (April-October).

It consists of 5 buildings with 105 rooms (62 double, 14 triple, 26 two-room apartments, 3 three-room apartments), summing to 260 beds.

-Building 1: Ground floor of 493.37sq.m., first floor 498.71sq.m., common areas 60.75sq.m. and a total of
1,052.83sq.m. Basement 493.37sq.m.
-Building 2: Ground floor area 456.76sq.m., first floor 405.47sq.m., common areas 5.47sq.m. and total of 869.70sq.m.
Basement 589.08sq.m.
-Building 3: Ground floor surface 1,926.02 sq.m., first floor 1,713.95 sq.m., common areas 97.37 sq.m. and a total
area of ​​3,737.34 sq.m. Basement 3,177.27sq.m.
-Building 4: Ground floor 261.74 sq.m., first floor 207.16 sq.m., common areas 16.23 sq.m., area 54.48 sq.m. and total of 485.13 sq.m. Basement 325.32s.qm.
-Building 5: Ground floor 490.94sq.m., first floor 490.94sq.m., common areas 71.92sq.m. and a total of 1,053.80sq.m. Basement 490.94sq.m.