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  Business idea Construction and sale of innovative HOUSBOTS for year-round living as a new type of "movable property" on the water Better and more affordable alternative property At least 10 villages (marinas) houseboats with 2 demo samples in each, in Moscow and 8 cities of the Russian Federation as a year-round rental business (as opposed to conventional marinas) and a sales hub Start in the Moscow market, then in the whole Russian market, then entering to the overseas market Innovation Self-supporting vacuum-bonded energy-efficient panels, from which a house (floating or conventional) is constructed in 7-14 days In this case, the house turns out: Very warm: corresponds to the "passive house" concept Quick-construction: panels are available with a fine finish on both sides Non-flammable Very hard, with dimensions: +/- 0.5 mm per 15 m panel length Ecologicaly clean Russian market development    The lack of quality houseboats on the market with the possibility of year-round living Market developed abroad, not developed in the Russian Federation, which means a huge growth potential Expensive land near the water, while cheap rent of water near  Easy registration: a houseboat up to 20 m length is registered in the State Inspection Service of the Russian Federation as a small boat. No parking and driving permits required Affordable price: for example, finished 100 sq.m. houseboat can cost from 15 million rubles. Nice apartment of the same area or a country house by the water - 2-10 times more expensive Possibility of parking in Moscow (and other cities) and use as a house or office Life on the water is a new and fashionable "foreign" theme.  Current project status   Created Demo Houseboat  Size 20x9 m, total area 470 sq.m., living area 190 sq.m. Using new technology is nearing completion Developed 3 basic models in collaboration with Danish designers Since July 2017, more than 40 different events have been held, participated in 6 exhibitions About 120 million rubles invested in the project The company's marketing strategy has been confirmed Payback period of the project 3.25 years For more detailed information, please contact!