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A unique offer from a real estate investment fund in the United States. Investments from $ 100.000; target profitability 8-10%; type of projects in the fund - multi-apartment real estate (apartment buildings).

This investment fund specializes in investments in multi-unit residential real estate with high growth potential, located in the top 12 metropolitan statistical zones of the United States. The choice of this type of asset for the fund's investments is due to the fact that it is the multi-apartment real estate that invariably remains the most reliable and stable type of development projects in the commercial real estate sector. According to the National Multifamily Housing Council and the National Apartment Association, demand for rental apartments is growing well ahead of supply. More than one third of Americans are renting homes, the equivalent of over 43 million families.

The fund's portfolio currently includes an initial investment, the 1800 Half Street project, which is an eleven-story mixed-use complex with a total area of ​​27,871 m2, comprising 344 apartments and 1,022 m2 of ground floor retail space. EB-5 Investment Amount: $ 900,000.

Information about the Regional Center (Fund): one of the largest Regional Centers, operating since 2008, 27 launched projects under the EB-5 program, more than 10 projects for which investments were returned to investors, the presence of a Russian-speaking employee.

Attracted investments totaling $ 800 million, and structured 28 projects with EB-5 capital; The total cost of development projects, in which our EB-5 investors took part, is about $ 3.5 billion. His clients are citizens of 70 countries, with whom he repeatedly went through the EB-5 investment process, before obtaining permanent residence permit status in the United States and returning capital.

Over time, the fund plans to acquire additional properties, the parameters of which will correspond to its target parameters, minimizing risks and adding to the potential for high growth in value. Investors will receive 100% cash flow before the planned preferred rate of annual return and 50% cash flow after reaching the preferred rate of return. The target profitability of the fund's investments is 8-10% per annum.

  • LOCATION OF PROJECT 1800 Half Street SW, Washington, USA
  • DESCRIPTION Complex for 344 rented apartments; 10.000 sq.ft of rental space
  • STATUS OF WORK Construction began in the 3rd quarter of 2020.
  • TOTAL PROJECT COST $ 135 mln.
  • INVESTMENT AMOUNT $ 2.5 million (total investment from EB5 Capital $ 11.5 million)
  • VALUE AT STABILIZATION $ 182 million in 2024


The price of this investment project is 900.000 dollars


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